RE-Source-southeast conference

септември, 2021

13сеп(сеп 13)14:0014(сеп 14)17:00RE-Source-southeast conference



The RE-Source-southeast conference opens a new chapter in the calendar of events dedicated to the corporate supply of renewable energy and energy storage opportunities in Bulgaria. It is a result of the signed memorandum between the Association for Production, Storage and Trade in Energy (APSTE), the Bulgarian Wind Energy Association (BGWEA) and the Re-source platform for the creation of a regional hub for sharing knowledge and good practices to promote corporate renewable energy supply in Bulgaria and in -wide aspect in Southeast Europe.

The program of the conference is focused on giving a broader and professional understanding of the importance of corporate energy supply contracts and the related opportunities and challenges. It is designed to bring together consumers, producers and traders, both from Bulgaria and abroad, to create new partnerships and opportunities.

During the conference the participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted:

  • With different strategies and practical examples of corporate energy supply.
  • Structuring PPAs and the standard contract developed by EFET (European Federation of Energy Traders), allowing for transaction costs to be reduced and negotiations between the parties to be facilitated.
  • Price trends and risk management.
  • The market potential for energy storage systems in Bulgaria: technologies and applications, regulatory framework in the EU and Bulgaria, market potential and development scenarios with horizons 2030 and 2050.

All participants will have the opportunity to meet potential partners in a specially organized B2B session.

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13 (понеделник) 14:00 - 14 (вторник) 17:00