Webinar: How to benefit from a green PPA?

април, 2023

12апр10:3011:30Virtual EventWebinar: How to benefit from a green PPA?


Join this free webinar to learn about the latest energy market updates in Romania and Bulgaria and what benefits a green PPA can bring to your business.

If you are interested in finding out:

  • What are the latest power market trends for the Romanian and Bulgarian markets? 
  • How to work with the local regulatory framework in Romania?
  • Why will your business benefit from signing a corporate PPA?

Enery’s experts will share experience and know-how.

The third part of the webinar will be presented by Enery’s Chief Commercial Officer – Severin Vartigov in co-operation with APSTE, as a teaser of the RE-Source Southeast conference, taking place on May 18-19 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

For a third year in а row, the event gathers leaders in the Renewable sector to discuss diverse challenges and opportunities for the SEE region.

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(сряда) 10:30 - 11:30