About us

The Association for production, storage and trading of electricity (APSTE) is a non-profit organisation supporting the development and market integration of renewable energy and energy storage technologies in Bulgaria.


Sustainable, carbon-free future

APSTE believes in partnership, innovation and sustainability. The association aims to act as a networking hub, bringing together technology research and development labs, businesses, government, and citizen communities to share knowledge and experience, find synergies and innovate together.

The association mission is to create favourable regulatory and business environment for the energy sector in Bulgaria to reimagine itself and make the transition to a sustainable, carbon-free future.


APSTE is committed to achieve greater public awareness of the fast-paced development of renewable energy generation and storage technologies as well as of all the digital and technological solutions that can help optimise energy exchange and sector coupling, thus ultimately helping Bulgaria transition to a sustainable, carbon-free and secure energy system.


Build a strong community of partners on a national, regional and international level.


Coordinate members joint efforts for achieving favourable regulatory and market conditions for the development of renewable energy and energy storage technologies in Bulgaria.


Support the development and market roll-out of innovative energy-related technological solutions that are environmentally-friendly and help fight climate change.



Meet the team

APSTE’s team consists of people with different backgrounds and expertise, spanning from project development, legal and finance to energy management, electrical engineering and research and development of sustainable energy technologies.