Association for production, storage and trading of electricity - APSTE

APSTE for a sustainable and secure energy system

The Association for production, storage and trading of electricity (APSTE) was founded by Bulgarian and international companies in 2019.

It advocates for the introduction and development of adequate policies and regulatory framework in Bulgaria to support the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon and secure energy system.

APSTE supports and promotes corporate contracts for the purchase of electricity (Corporate PPAs) to stimulate the development of new RES projects in the country, energy storage technologies, and innovative approaches for green electricity trading.

For us, it is of utmost importance to create ptimal conditions for research, development, investment, innovation and growth of technologies and business models for the production, transmission, distribution, storage and trade of renewable energy. We strive to build local, regional and transnational development partnerships, as well as connecting members through conferences, meetings, forums.

Why us?

Renewable energy

Energy storage

Electricity trade


Our team

APSTE’s team includes people with different backgrounds and expertise, spanning from project development, legal and finance to energy management, electrical engineering and research and development of sustainable energy technologies.

How to become a member of APSTE?