An open letter to European policy makers and the media regarding the REPowerEU Plan

The Association for Production, Storage and Trading of Electricity (APSTE) joined the Open Letter to European Commission and Policy Makers regarding the REPowerEU  plan, together with 25 companies and organizations – leaders of the European and global energy  market.

“The current geopolitical situation across the continent, combined with high dependency on imported natural gas, growing electricity demand, and consequently, higher bills for households and businesses, create an urgent need to rethink the structure of European energy systems. The REPowerEU Plan, published in May by the European Commission, aims to increase the security of energy supply by building and connecting more renewable generation to the grid. However, for this plan to be successful, it must be accompanied by adequate targets and policy frameworks for the deployment of energy storage and other fl exibility technologies. They are necessary to enable the safe and effi cient integration of renewables into the electric grid, and now is the time to recognise them as the pillars of the European energy transition”, said the letters.

The signatories to this letter, organisations with decades-long experience in creating and supporting global and European energy markets, welcome the REPowerEU Plan, its ambitious renewable targets, and the recognition of the role of energy storage in delivering sustainable and reliable energy supply.

“At the same time, we believe that if the accelerated near-term deployment of renewable energy sources is to be successful, Europe needs a rapid rollout of proven and scalable technologies to increase grid fl exibility and enable the safe and effi cient integration of renewable generation. To this end, battery-based energy storage is a quickly deployed, cost-eff ective, and lowemissions solution with the potential to become a backbone of modern, resilient, and decarbonised energy systems. Other technologies, such as demand side response, the improved utilisation of existing storage potential of pumped hydroelectric and other energy storage technologies, as well as the interconnectivity between national electricity markets, are all critical to enabling the European energy transition”, the letter also says.

>> You can find the full letter here